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In March 2002, the M&G Polar Team - Ann Daniels, Caroline Hamilton and Pom Oliver - will attempt to become the first all-women's team to ski all the way to the North Pole. Having conquered the South Pole in 1999/2000, this will make them the first all-women's team in the world to ski to both Poles.

The women will fly from London to make their final preparations in Resolute Bay in Canada on March 1st 2002. About ten days later, a Twin Otter aeroplane will then take them to one of the most northerly points of land in the world - Ward Hunt island - where their journey across the Arctic Ocean begins. It's 500 miles (415 nautical miles) from Ward Hunt island to the North Pole.

During the winter, the Arctic Ocean has frozen completely. The M&G Polar Team will travel across the sea ice - hauling sledges heavier than they are - through the harshest conditions on Earth. Temperatures will plunge to minus 40-50 Centigrade, and the ice will be moving constantly to create a giant obstacle course of pressure ridges and leads of open water.

This is another world record-breaking expedition - a first for Britain and an unique double in polar exploration. As part of it, the M&G Polar Team hopes to raise a significant sum for the Square Smile charity. To find out more, please click here.

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